Things to do

Things to do

Cliff Haven Beach Resort | Swimming Pool | Kasoa Nyanyano

On Site:

  1. Swimming Pool: Take a refreshing dip in our inviting swimming pool, perfect for cooling off on sunny days.

  2. Restaurant: Savor delectable dishes at our on-site restaurant, offering a delightful culinary experience with ocean views.

  3. Games: Enjoy quality time with family and friends in our game area, featuring a variety of fun-filled games.

Within Walking Distance:

  1. Beach Relaxation: Take leisurely strolls along the pristine beaches, bask in the sun, and unwind amidst the serene surroundings.

  2. Swimming: Enjoy the crystal-clear waters and indulge in beachfront swimming for a rejuvenating experience.

Nearby Attractions:

  1. Surfing Beaches: For surfing enthusiasts, nearby Kokrobite and Gomoa Fete offer excellent surfing beaches and point breaks, perfect for riding the waves.

  2. Senya Beraku Fort Good Hope: Immerse yourself in history with a visit to the Senya Beraku Fort Good Hope, an intriguing cultural site with a rich past.

  3. Kite Surfing Beaches: If kite surfing is your passion, nearby locations boast good beaches for kite surfing, offering an exhilarating adventure on the waves.

Embrace an array of exciting activities and explore nearby attractions during your stay at Cliff Haven Beach Resort. Create lasting memories with our diverse offerings that cater to every traveler's desire for adventure and relaxation.